Force Conversion

This is an online force conversion calculator to convert one unit of force to another unit of force. It converts following common force units: newton (N), dyne (dyn), kilopond [kilogram-force] (kp), pound-force (lbf), kilonewton (kN), poundal (pdl), kip and sthene (sn).

Common Force Units

newton (N): dyne (dyn): kilopond[kilogram-force] (kp):
pound-force (lbf): kilonewton (kN): poundal (pdl):
kip: sthene (sn):

To use this Force Conversion, follow the steps mentioned bellow,

  • Enter the value for the force unit to be converted to another force unit.
  • Click the "Convert Force" button.
  • This will display the converted force unit values in the other force units.
  • The force unit which is under conversion will be marked with a different color.
  • The value of the force unit to be converted should be in proper numerical form.

Note: The calculated force conversion may not be exact. It may be approximate based on the input value of the force unit under conversion. Also the force unit conversions for same force unit may vary based on the country, customery and context of use.