Metric Conversion Table

Weight Conversion Table (gram based)

gram (g, gm) kilogram (kg) pound (lb)
1 1000 453.59237
ounce (oz) carat short ton (US)
28.349523125 0.2 907184.74
long ton (UK) tonne (metric ton) grain (gr)
1016046.9088 1000000 0.06479891

Full Weight Conversion Table

Length Conversion Table (meter based)

millimeter (mm) centimeter (cm) meter (m)
0.001 0.01 1
kilometer (km) inch (in) foot / feet (ft)
1000 0.0254 0.3048
yard (yd) mile (mi) nautical mile (nmi)
0.9144 1609.344 1852

Full Length Conversion Table

Area Conversion Table (square meter based)

square centimeter (cm2) square meter (m2) hectare (ha)
0.0001 1 10000
square kilometer (km2) square inch (in2) square foot/feet (ft2)
1000000 0.00064516 0.09290304
square yard (yd2) square mile (mi2) acre (ac)
0.83612736 2589988.1103 4046.8564224

Full Area Conversion Table

Volume Conversion Table (liter based)

milliliter (ml) liter (L) cubic meter (m3)
0.001 1 1000
cubic inch (in3) cubic foot/feet (ft3) pint (pt) [US liquid]
0.016387064 28.316846592 0.473176473
quart (qt) [US liquid] gallon (gal) [US liquid] barrel (bbl) [US liquid]
0.946352946 3.785411784 119.240471196

Full Volume Conversion Table

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Metric Conversion Table by GlobeFeed

About Metric Conversion Table

Our online metric conversion tables provides the tables of conversion factors for the commonly used units of various measurement categories. These conversion factors provide the relation between the various units of the perticular measurement.

The above Metric Conversion Tables, are based on following units in their respective unit categories.,

  • Weight Conversion Table is based on gram unit of weight measurement (ex. 1 pound = 453.59237 gram).
  • Length Conversion Table is based on meter unit of length measurement (ex. 1 foot = 0.3048 meter).
  • Area Conversion Table is based on square meter unit of area measurement (ex. 1 square foot = 0.09290304 square meter).
  • Volume Conversion Table is based on liter unit of volume measurement (ex. 1 cubic foot = 28.316846592 liter).

Note: The unit conversion factor for same unit may vary based on the country, customery and context of use.

The above metric conversion tables are based on only single unit of the specific measurements. If you need the complete cross metric conversion table for the above commonly used units, below is the list.